The only ICO with an annual dividend:

- 50% of the company's annual profit to be distributed among investors

- Extremely high ROI, with minimum risk

- Long term passive income



The whitepaper explains our market analysis highlighting the need for an innovative product like HODLER. HODLER combines the best features and solutions used by different wallet formats available eliminating their weaknesses. What makes it unique is that this multi-asset device gives ordinary individuals and businesses access to everyday cryptocurrency transactions in the palm of their hand. Without the need to connect to a computer you will benefit from unrivalled level of security.

Short and clear Investment Contract.

Electronically signed Investment Contract will be sent to you by email. You can verify the electronic signature on the contract using the Estonian government's software: Download the ID-software

Security description

Highly secure hardware wallet with our in-house bespoke software is both user-friendly and gives everyday access to cryptocurrencies.

Calculation of the Company

Check the detailed list of costs and expected revenues before investing. Invest consciously in real industry.


The amount of your investment:
Purchase with 10% bonus:

110,000 HDL Tokens

Annual company profits* 20,000,000.00USD

Your dividend:

+ value of your HDL tokens

*Keep in mind: Ledger Nano S has sold over 1 million devices in 2017. Our product is more universal and allows you to conveniently pay and accept payments. The market for our product is many times bigger!

Our business model bestows annual dividends payments to all HDL token holders. This is an unique opportunity to take part in a project that generates an annual passive income. As a result of that we foresee high demand for HDL tokens couple of months prior to dividend payout, which in turn will increase HDL tokens value. Read more about The Next Generation of the ICO

HODLER.TECH (HDL) token details

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 HDL
Decimals: 18
Contract address: 0x95c4be8534d69c248c0623c4c9a7a2a001c17337
Number of tokens for sale during ICO: 500,000,000

Token price during ICO: 0.01 USD
Minimum purchase: 10,000 pieces worth 100 USD
Maximum purchase: 250,000,000 pieces worth 2.5 USD million.
Total amount of capital: 5,000,000 USD

Supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH

Restrictions: USA, China (except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan),
North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria
Incorporation jurisdiction: Estonia - European Union


Sale bonus policy:

Public sale bonus policy:

1 April to 15 April 2018: +20% free Tokens
16 April to 30 April 2018: +15% Tokens
1 May to 15 May 2018: +10% free Tokens
16 May to 31 May 2018: +5% free Tokens
1 June to 30 June 2018 No additional tokens

Unsold pre-sale tokens will be made available at the public sale stage

No tokens will be issued after sale stage
The project will be developed regardless of the funds raised from investors


Remember that your wallet need to support ETH ERC20 tokens. To allow an easy access to your HDL tokens we suggest using MyEtherWallet. You can generate your wallet here:



HODLER ICO is LIVE, current bonus: 10%

Softcap (10 mln of HDL) reached in 1st week of PRE-ICO
30 mln local target reached


Last 5 transactions:


Designing and creating the software wallet application for mobile devices.
Decision to start ICO in order to develop the idea and to co-finance its implementation.
Research & Analysis of market potential.
Drafting of the Whitepaper.
Cutting-edge ICO initiative - distribution of some of the company's profits between investors, guaranteed by the Investment Contract
Company Registration & Legal Processing Commenced
DEVICE CHOICE - Confirmation of a device already in manufacture that meets our exacting requirements in terms of reliability, size and functionality combined with cutting-edge design and user-friendliness. Signing a contract with the manufacturer for the delivery of smart devices.
Token Pre-sale - raised 700,000USD
Public token sale
NEW OPERATING SYSTEM - Creating an operating system based on Linux and adapting it to the device of our choice. ETA - JULY 2018
Alpha version of the prototype ETA - 30 April 2018
NEW WALLET APPLICATION - Integrating a wallet management application with our ALPHA version of the Linux operating system.
Development of server infrastructure.
CLOUD BACKUP - Development point-to-point encrypted cloud for backups.
SAFETY INSPECTION - A security audit and penetration tests of the operating system, wallet application, cloud backup and its servers will be carried out by independent specialists with results being publicly reported.
PROTOTYPE - Following the creation of the first device it will be sent to internationally recognised security authorities for ratification of the device, software, source code of the operating system and application. Having passed stringent tests, the first devices will be sent to investors. Publication of the source codes on github.
USER FEEDBACK – Incorporating suggestions and improvements from investors to maximise total security and reliability of the operating system, wallet application, keys backup in-cloud storage. Ongoing customer feedback to ensure maximum user satisfaction.
THE RETAILER MODE - Preparation of the application for receiving cryptocurrency payments using QR codes. Basic functions of the application:
  • Acceptance of payments using QR codes.
  • Feasibility of integrating the application directly into a cryptocurrency exchange through the exchange’s API.
  • Feasibility of configuring automatic cryptocurrency sale.
  • Feasibility of automatic withdrawal of funds from an exchange to the shop's bank account.
  • Ensuring the application is compatible with all large cryptocurrency exchanges supporting FIAT currencies and regional exchanges.
  • Feasibility of generating a sales report downloaded from an exchange and converted to FIAT currencies.
System image compatible with third-party smartphones. In order to avoid the mistakes made by our competitors who failed to deliver on schedule, we will prepare an image of our system compatible with devices from several of the market leaders. Our bespoke software will facilitate the upload of our operating system onto selected devices that will in turn become secure hardware wallets. By doing this it will allow us to sell our software without any supply chain restrictions, increasing profits for both the business and our valued investors.
SALE OF HODLER TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - Preparing monthly business reports to inform investors of the company performance.
The first dividends to be paid out.


As a company we understand that only constant product development can guarantee our status as market leaders and innovators. Therefore we intend to continue to build on HODLER’s class leading level of security, innovation and user-friendliness. We will continue to investigate other markets where our unique software can be utilised.

Our dedicated after sales team will offer class-leading customer support, helping users understand the product and its benefits and communicating the latest information regarding the safety of cryptocurrency transactions afforded by using HODLER. We are looking forward to collaborating with authors of cryptocurrencies both current and future ones. The logo and a link to HODLER website will be displayed on their websites, in the supported wallets section.

Transparent operations and Open Source software, will secure HODLER’s place among the most trusted wallets. Our marketing department will also be present on Internet forums related to cryptocurrencies and reddit-type portals. We are also aware of a need for a permanent and responsible presence on all social media platforms as it is our intention for HODLER to be known for its industry leading approach to secure cryptocurrency usage. The sales and marketing budget will ensure that HODLER becomes the name associated with unrivalled security in a cryptocurrency market maximising product awareness, driving sales and consequently profits.

We will inform you about current project development and dividend payouts.



Hodler.Tech OÜ, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Peterburi tee 53-101, 11415 Estonia
Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact with us.