blockchain smartphone based on Samsung J3

secure and fully Open Source operating system
with a multi-asset wallet application

try it yourself

check out our free versions of HODLER Core wallet app for Android and Windows – soon also for iOS and Linux!

Download and install app on your Android phone or Windows computer
check how it works
and what features it has
buy HODLER Pro with a secure operating system
and an auto-offline mode
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what we achieved
and how we did it

HODLER Pro is a secure cryptocurrency solution consisting of a reliable Samsung J3 hardware platform running our original HODLER OS operating system with a secure HODLER Core wallet application constantly updated through community-driven development

every part of HODLER Pro is fully Open Source and protected with TCA alghoritm for key streching and SPECK to achieve maximum level of security

we've chosen a hardware platform
that is reliable and has Open Source firmware and drivers
we've built a secure operating system
using only secure solutions
we've built our own secure wallet
privacy-oriented and always encrypted
we let the community help us
allowing us to create a highly customizable wallet suited for everyone
we have developed the platform concept
which allows you to safely manage your cryptocurrencies
we're creating a next generation wallet
convenient as an application and safe as a hardware wallet
lines of the code written by us
years of work on the wallet applications
active users of our wallets

convenient and easy to use

the wallet that combines extended functionality with maximum security

be your own bank


 you have full control over the private keys


you don’t have to trust anyone – the software is Open Source


your backups are always encrypted with a strong algorithm


you are protected from attacks with auto-offline mode

functionalities of HODLER Pro

the ultimate merge of functionality and security – encrypted wallet with authentication applications allowing us to prioritize privacy and anonymity

100% Open Source
don't trust, verify - the security of our wallet is constantly being verified by thousands of independent programmers from around the world, the entire wallet is fully Open Source
strong encryption of keys and passwords
SPECK, key stretching, true random seed generator - the best algorithms for your safety
Auto-Offline Mode
HODLER Pro is online only for the moment of sending a transaction, default network status is offline

secure and easy to use
the mission of HODLER Pro - make cryptocurrencies easy and safe to use anywhere, anytime
high usability
functional wallet with many cryptocurrencies and tokens
isolated environment
independent device that doesn't require connection to computers
additional apps
2 Factor Authenticator app and encrypted email client for your privacy and security