Choose the best solution for you to become your own bank

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast?

Don’t want to wait long for a package from Europe? Here’s a thing for you: a complete software set compatible with Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320FN, Single SIM, 8GB memory, 1.5 GB RAM.

Buy the smartphone in your country and order a complete operating system with applications online. Create your own blockchain smartphone within 15 minutes. We provided you with a manual and a video guide – the installation is extremely easy!

Would you rather get a ready to use blockchain smartphone based on the reliable and proven Samsung J3?

Order it directly from us and use cryptocurrencies the way they are meant to be used: participate in peer-to-peer economy while enjoying total control over your funds and make immediate transactions everywhere in the world.

HODLER Pro makes it all easy while providing you with the highest possible level of security.

Do you have doubts about what to choose? Would you like to ask something? Write to us!

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